In the first part of 2011, I was obsessed with mobile apps and the role they were playing in my everyday life. This lead me to constantly downloading, using, deleting and sharing apps that I thought had tremendous value. Not a day would go by, where I wasn’t engaged in a conversation that started with “There’s an app for that”.

This immense interest led me to ponder the question

How could I build an app? Could I make money from it?


This question then spearheaded a lengthy stint researching how I could go about bringing my ideas to life. From all accounts, the process was simple

  1. Buy a mac computer
  2. Download the Xcode Software
  3. Build your app with the Objective C Programming Language
  4. Submit to the App Store
  5. Make Money

The only problem with this was that I knew absolutely nothing about programming and regardless of my intentions to do so, I was doomed to failure before I even started. The following video taken from a keynote I completed in 2012, highlights my first efforts at App Development. You can judge the success


There simply had to be an easier way?……..


Join us for part 2 as I answer the question above and share with you how my first app was made possible in an hour, and led to over 50,000 downloads.


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